Welcome to The Bark & Call Inn!

Your Dog's Home Away From Home

When you can't be there yourself, you want the peace of mind knowing your dog is happy, relaxed and well cared for.
At our homes, your dog gets the personalized and knowledgeable care that comes from living with a family, coupled with the skill of retired dog trainers.

In-Home Boarding

Your dog's home away from home...

In our homes dogs enjoy the best of both worlds; the freedom to romp and play in a large fenced enclosure and the comfort and safety of living with a family.
We recognize that dogs are individuals and strive to meet the needs of each and every dog that stays with us.
We welcome specialty diets and other special considerations, such as supplements and vitamins. Many of our dog boarders enjoy raw or home prepared meals. We are happy to accommodate their preferences while they stay with us.
Along with our training skills, Rebecca has extensive experience with rehab and post operative care and Heather has 7 years of veterinary tech experience.
Both Rebecca and Heather have close working relationships with the local veterinary hospitals. We are qualified to provide care for elderly, dogs with disabilities, dogs on medications, dogs with diabetes and post operative care.


Exercise, socialization & happiness...

Dogs staying with us for both boarding and daycare play together in the fenced yard and inside lounge areas. Dogs are grouped according to compatibility for safety and overall enjoyment of their stay..

“A tired dog is a good dog!”

Exercise is essential for all dogs. In our daycare and boarding, we provide safe fun outlets for your energetic dog.
Socialization is critical for all puppies in order to become well adjusted adult dogs. It’s challenging to find opportunities in today’s world to fully socialize young pups. Daycare provides a perfect opportunity for positive socialization. All puppies and dogs will benefit, but it is especially important for energetic and young dogs.
Mature and elderly dogs enjoy daycare for different reasons. Remaining engaged with younger dogs helps older dogs stay vibrant. Boredom can be detrimental to an elderly dog. Exploring our large fenced yards, tracking the scents, basking in the sun and watching puppies youthful antics provides enormous entertainment. As always with the dogs in our care, we recognize the limitations of our elderly clients and provide ample rest time and awareness of weather conditions they may be sensitive to.

The Inn

Everything your dog needs...

Our Home

Dogs coming into our homes enjoy dog friendly couches, comfy dog beds, a large fenced play yard and the type of attention you only get living with a family. Dogs truly become a part of our family and are welcomed in all areas of our homes.


Since our homes offer an open concept environment, dogs staying with us need to be dog friendly. That being said we have created separate spaces within our homes to meet the needs of young puppies as well as elderly guests and everyone in between.

A Day in the Life

Our days revolve around dogs; we are either playing with, lounging with, caring for, cleaning up after, or talking about dogs. In all seasons, we spend time outside throwing Kongs, tennis balls and goofing off with all of the dogs. Inside we spend quality lounge time cuddling with the dogs watching movies or reading a good book.

Our Yards

Dogs get as much outdoor time as they want, weather permitting, in our acre fenced yard that has play structures, a tunnel, a wading pool and plenty of space to run and play. There are never any additional charges for the amount of play time given.


While enjoying outdoor playtime, dogs always have access to water and shade. Dogs are grouped by temperament and size to ensure that all dogs get the most enjoyment out of their playtime.

Where a Dog Can Be a Dog

Our homes let your dogs enjoy the freedom of safe, off-leash play, where they can run full tilt to their hearts content, splash in the pool, dig in the dirt, hunt in the stonewalls and bask in the sun. This is where long friendships are forged and new ones are waiting to happen.

What To Bring

Before you arrive, don't forget...

We have most of the things your dog will need while he is with us... beds, blankets, bowls and plenty of toys. You will need to bring the following items with your dog before all boarding stays.

Copy of Vaccine History

1. Distemper / Parvo (DHPP)
2. Rabies
3. Bordetella (Kennel Cough)


1. Food in sealed containers labeled with your dog's name and feeding instructions
2. Supplements labeled with your dog's name and instructions
3. Medications labeled with your dog's name and instructions

Flea & Tick

1. Vet approved products required
2. Year round preventatives requried
3. Any dog found with fleas and/or other parasites will be dismissed from boarding and doggie daycare

When You Arrive

1. Please keep your dog leashed until safely inside
2. Please wait in your car if there is another car ahead of you until they leave

Rates,  Hours & Booking

Book your reservation today!

Book Your Reservation Here
We take a limited number of dogs into our homes to ensure the best possible stay for all, therefore space is limited and reservations are required. Drop offs and pick ups are scheduled by appointment. If you are going to be more than five minutes early or late, please call or text.


Single Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs 4 Dogs
$40 $70 $100 $130


Single Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs 4 Dogs
$30 $45 $70 $100

Please note, on the last day of a boarding stay, if your dog stays until the evening pick up hours, the $35 boarding rate applies, not the $25 daycare rate. There is a $50 no show charge for missed appointments.

* Elderly, special needs, or medical requirements will alter these prices, please call for these rates


Monday - Friday Morning:  6am - 9am
  Evening:  6pm - 7pm
Saturday Morning:  7am - 9am
  Evening:  6pm - 7pm
Sunday No appointments


Easter No drop-offs or pick-ups
Memorial Day No drop-offs or pick-ups
4th of July No drop-offs or pick-ups
Labor Day No drop-offs or pick-ups
Thanksgiving No drop-offs or pick-ups 
Christmas Eve 8am - 10am only
Christmas Day No drop-offs or pick-ups
New Year's Eve 8am - 10am only
New Year's Day No drop-offs or pick-ups

Frequently Asked Questions

You're not the only one...

Do you take dogs with dog to dog behavior issues?

While we used to take dogs with behavior issues and worked with rescue dogs to help make them adoptable, our current philosophy and home set up doesn't allow for dogs that have problems getting along with other dogs. For everyone's safety, only dogs that are well socialized and good with other dogs are able to come stay with us.

How much time do the dogs spend outside?

For the most part, dogs spend as much time as they want. In very warm or very cold weather, we exercise good judgement and bring dogs in. As always, we try to meet each dog's needs and desires for play time versus relax time.

Are there additional charges for playtimes?

No. There are never additional charges for playtime.

Are all the yards fenced?

Yes, all yards are fenced.

Are you able to administer medication?

We are able to administer pills and injectable medications. You will need to provide clear instructions and everything necessary for administering the medications. (If you use cheese or pill pockets please send them along with your dog.) If there are specific requirements beyond this, please call us to go over your dog's needs.

Are there additional charges for administering medications?

There is a one time $5 fee during a stay for pills and insulin injections. Dogs that require a lot of additional care may fall into our medical board category. Medical board rates are determined by the specific needs of your dog. Please call us for details.

Can you store and feed raw diets, homemade diets and/or supplements?

We welcome raw and homemade diets. We are also happy to continue whatever supplement schedule your dog is on. You will need to provide the food and supplements in a sealed container, labeled with your dog's name and clear instructions for us to follow.

How much human contact do the dogs get?

Lots. We revolve our lives around the dogs in our care. We spend time outside as well as inside in all seasons.

Are dogs fed separately?

Yes, dogs are fed separately, unless they are housemates who prefer to eat together.

How do you deal with power outages?

We have generators that are ready to go in the event of a power outage. The generators are outside to avoid carbon monoxide risks.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and checks. We do not accept credit cards.

Are there age restrictions?

Elderly dogs and puppies as young as 8 weeks with age appropriate vaccinations are welcome to come for a stay. Elderly dogs often need extra care and attention, please call us so that we can discuss the specifics of your dog's needs prior to booking a stay.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact Rebecca for cancellation policy and charges.

Do you take all breeds?

We take all breeds, however, because of the open concept nature of our environment, dogs staying with us have to be dog friendly.

Do dogs have access to water?

Yes, dogs have access to water at all times, including while playing outside, and overnight.

Contact Us

We're at your bark & call...

Rebecca Walsh
Email Rebecca
Heather Leonard
Email Heather
Please contact Rebecca if you are a new client or need more information!
We make every effort to answer all correspondence within 24 hours, however, there may be delays during holidays or peak times. For urgent calls please text 978-790-3769. Our first priority is to the dogs in our care, at times, that care can extend from the wee hours of the morning until the wee hours of the following morning. When your dog boards with us, you can be assured that the needs of your dog will come before any other needs our business may present.

About Rebecca & Heather

We began our lives with a love of animals and knew that we would incorporate them into our lives...

We were able to do just that, after a chance meeting at a dog training class, where we both apprenticed, and ultimately taught, dog obedience and behavior modification classes. In order to expand our repertoire of skills, and reach the dogs who “fell through the cracks”, we began attending seminars and workshops given by leading dog trainers, such as Suzanne Clothier and Ian Dunbar. It was soon thereafter we founded Taming Anubis, a dog training business dedicated to humane and thoughtful human-dog interactions. Taming Anubis focused on seeing each dog as a whole and finding the appropriate training style for that individual dog. After a couple of years, we realized that our clients were in need of an alternative to traditional kenneling for their dogs. Our answer was to open our homes to our client’s dogs, thus the creation of The Bark & Call Inn.

The dogs that stay with us become a part of our family; they are incorporated into our homes and day to day lives. We form lasting relationships with each dog and their owners. Our canine boarders recognize the drive to our homes and get excited as soon as they turn down our roads. They know their days will be filled with fresh air, sunshine, good doggie friends, and plenty of human affection. We each have created an environment, in our homes, where dogs can be themselves and their owners never have to worry.

Rebecca and Heather live in picturesque Ashby, a small farming town in New England.  At our respective homes, we can be found in our dog play yards, sitting in a chair, or swinging in a hammock, (at least when we aren’t throwing kongs, footballs, frisbees, or tennis balls) a dog on our laps and a group of dogs happily dancing at our feet.

What began as a journey to find a balanced, thoughtful, humane approach to dog training led us to create The Bark & Call Inn, an in-home boarding experience that encourages every dog to be themselves. So many of our clients remark on how easy we make our interactions with dogs look; we are so lucky that what comes naturally to us, is what we do for a living. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for making The Bark & Call Inn the thriving business it is today.


Happy dogs, happy parents


We have been using Rebecca's services (The Bark & Call Inn) for several years now. We are completely satisfied for the following reasons. INTEGRITY. She's always ready when she says she will be. She keeps the dogs in a safe environment. She takes care of those animals as if they're her own. Her level of EXPERTISE. She has a vet tech background and utilizes that education with our dogs. So when our pups (we have 3) do not feel well or they have a change in eating, eliminating or personality, Rebecca will notify us and provide a sound recommendation. This is very comforting and helpful especially when you're at work or far away on a vacation and can't get there. She is that aware of the subtle changes in our dogs behavior. LOVE. She loves animals. You can't make someone feel this way. It is such a joy to see our dogs run to her and be so excited to be at The Bark & Call Inn. It eases the burden of dropping our dogs off because we know she will care for them like they were her own. They are not stuck in a kennel all day. One added perk, Rebecca sends us videos of our dogs playing with other dogs during the day. So even in play shes guarding our precious ones. We cant say enough about how much we appreciate the care at The Bark & Call Inn.


My dogs hated going to standard warehouse kennels and panda would always come home sick from the stress. Finding the Bark and Call Inn was the answer to us and our dogs enjoying our vacations. THANK YOU!

The Hewitts

Thanks to Bark & Call Inn, we can go away knowing our dogs are well cared for and happy. BCI was referred to us by our vet, Dr Caviness in Bolton, and the high quality of their services matched their reputation. We like their clear and very reasonable criteria for boarding as well as their meticulously kept ground for their charge. One of our dogs is a very picky eater but after staying at BCI, his eating habit always improves. Our dogs also seem to have a great vacation themselves; they always come home happy, relaxed and leaner! We are very grateful to BCI for their amazing services.

Yuliya & Mark

We have been taking our two pups to Bark & Call Inn for the last three years, ever since we moved to the area. Anytime we leave town, I know there isn’t a better place for our dogs. One of our dogs, is a very timid and anxious pup, afraid of people and strange places, and I was so concerned leaving her behind but she made a home of Rebecca’s Inn. Rebecca is an excellent caretaker and good at paying close attention to all dogs in her care to make sure they are eating well, not getting sick, getting enough exercise and hydration, she supervises dogs very closely. Most importantly, it is a home business, and I know our dogs are with people at all hours of the day and night, which is a huge comfort to us when we are on the road. Over the three years we used Bark & Call Inn, Rebecca on many occasions has gone above and beyond in her accommodations and care! We recommend her facility to all our friends in the area

John & Amy

It gives me great peace of mind when I drop off my dogs at The Bark & Call Inn. There are many “kennels” out there but only one “Rebecca’s”. The Bark & Call is truly a haven. There is no human word, including “ride”, “walk”, “breakfast” or “supper” that gets my dogs more excited than, “Do you want to go to REBECCA’S!?”. They spin their affirmation!

Karen & Ken

My name is Karen, I used to have a chocolate Lab named Tiny. When I first heard about BCI I was so excited to send her there. However, by the time I really put some effort into driving down the street, my dog was old and cranky around other dogs. So I kept saying that our next dog was going to go there from the start. When our dear girl, Tiny passed away, we got a beautiful baby black Lab named Millie. Our children are all grown so Millie is our baby. We started taking her to BCI as a little puppy. To say she loved it was an understatement. From the beginning just the mention of "Do you want to go to Rebecca's", sends Millie into a joyous romp until we head to the car where she sits at attention eagerly anticipating seeing Rebecca and all her buddies. The free playing yard and activity make her a very happy pup. Whether she is there for just a play day or for an extended stay, I never have to worry about about her care. The BCI can cover anything from medical issues to lots of love and affection. The Bark & Call Inn is the next best thing to home!!!!!!


I’ll only bring my dogs to Rebeca at the Barn & Call Inn. I have 2 boxers that are nervous and uncomfortable around people/environments they do not know. I moved to Stoughton for 2 years. During that time, if I had to travel overnight, I would drive the 1:45 minutes to continue to bring them to Rebecca. Not only does she take great care of my boys, they are comfortable there and enjoy their visits! I have since moved to West Boylston, so they are able to go more frequently and even for daycare. I like that they are free to roam and Rebecca is trained in both animal behavior and as a vet tech. My boys mean the world to me, and they could not be in better hands!!

Jenn & Sam

Rebecca is the gem of Ashby! We've been bringing our Newfoundland to Rebecca for daycare since he was 5 months old and I credit her for his winning doggie social skills. Rebecca always takes such good care of Ballymoe. If she notices anything unusual, like he's starting to get sick, she always brings it to our attention. Rebecca's is really a second home for my dog, where he is surrounded by a loving family and plays all day with his dog friends. More than just a place for my dog, Rebecca herself has become my go-to dog expert for behavior and training questions as well as diet and health issues. I don't feel as guilty about going on vacations anymore because Ballymoe is so happy at Rebecca's and I know she takes such good care of him.